Slovak Pigeon Breeder Association

is a public spare-time association. Its main goal is a pigeon breeding, sport ind exhibitional activities development, pigeon refining, pigeon breeders education, and improvement of assets of pigeon breeders associations.

Association is a member of international pigeon breeders association sitting in Bruxeles and follows its statute.

SCOPE - SPBA covers entire area of Slovak Republic with its activities.

MEMBERSHIP - Every citizen of SR may join the association regardless of his political affiliation, nationality or faith.

HEAD OFFICE - NITRA, Akademická 4, 949 01 ,
telefax: 00421 037 653 7503


STANDING LANGUAGE - All internal meetings, printed and published documents and correspondece are performed in Slovak language.



is the highest establishment of the Association. It's held once a four years. Its main authority is to provide for a strategy of development and to declare its own legal standards.


is the highest establishment for the time between Conventions. Its members are elected as representatives of regional associations. The meetings are held generally once a two years.


is the executive establishment of the Association. It controlls and coordinates activities of the association during a time between general meetings. The members are elected by Convention.


 is responsible only to the Convention. It is duty to track all activities and loyality to all legal standards, orders and regulations of the Association.


is an organisational element on the regional level (an association af at least three basic organisations and 80 members). Activities of regional associations are controlled and coordinated by regional boards. They are elected by regional sessions, which are held once a year. Revisions are provided by revisional committees.


is the basic establishment and may be established by 10 members at least. Its establishment should be approved by relevant Regional association. Activities are controlled and coordinated by elected board.

In this time are in Slovak Association 4062 breeders, who are in 32 regional association organized.

1. Slovak Association can only decay following a decision of 2/3 votes of all present delegates of Convention.

2. Regional associations and basic organisations can decay:

a) if a number of members decreases under legal limit;

b) if it is a decision of the annual meeting;

c) by termination if it doesn't match its purpose

Ing.Juraj Kurek
president of Slovak Pigeon Breeders Association


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